Concept of Credit System

The system involves breaking down the curriculum into measurable units that can be combined to get a degree! diploma. A ‘credit is generally a ‘value used to measure a students work load in terms of learning time students work load in terms of learning time required to complete course units, resulting in learning outcomes. Credit is used in higher education to summarized and describe an amount of learning. The number of credits awarded to a learner is determined by Credit Value or Credit Points assigned to a particular course.

Terminology used in Credit System

A programme is a set of courses that are linked together in an academically meaningful way and generally ends with the award of a Certificate or Diploma or Degree depending on the level of knowledge attained and the total duration of study. e.g. Certificate in office Computing, Diploma in Journalism, B. Corn, M. Sc. M. S. W. etc. are the ‘Programmes’.


A course is essentially a constituent of a ‘programme’ and may be conceived of as a composite of several learning topics taken from a certain knowledge domain, at a certain level. A ‘course’ in simple terms corresponds to the word ‘subject’ used in many Universities.

Module Unit

A module or Unit is an part of the course which may be studied in conjunction with other learning modules or studied independently.

Credit Points

This has reference to the ‘Workload’ of a learner and is an index of the number of learning hours deemed for a certain segment of learning. The course may be assigned anywhere between 4 to 8 credit points. One (01) Credit is thirty (30) learning hours. Credits once gained cannot be lost.

Important Note

The student should have minimum 80% attendance to get the internal credit points.