About Us:
Navnirman Shikshan Sanstha has been established with a noble cause of imparting higher education among the youth of Konkan region. S.P.Hegshetye college of Arts, Commerce & Science, Ratnagiri is considered as an academic institution of higher learning offering degree courses.  The college library occupies a prominent position and it is an important part of the college. The library is a source of knowledge and information for the learners. The aim of our library to set an environment for more productive teaching-learning process, provide and deliver information services to the user, to maintain user oriented policies and programs.  Library facilities are proved with books , journals, CDS, reference books, general knowledge books, daily newspapers, magazines for the all users. Access of question paper sets, newspapers clipping is available through library, reading room facility is also available for students and staff separately. The sitting space can be occupied by 50 students. The library has a collection 14,959 books, open access system, e-Granthalaya 3.0 (2007) software design and developed by National Informatics Center, India. The library provide effective service to the users.


  • To ensure that every reader in the college has access their reading material.
  • To provide student, staff learning environment that delivers information and services to users as and when required.


  • To provide comprehensive resources and services to support research, teaching and learning needs of the user’s community.



  • To help in all educational and instructional programs of the college.
  • To inculcate reading practices in the students.
  • To develop a practice of deep and advanced studies of subjects beyond the text books of subjects.
  • To make the users aware of collections of various resourceful books, magazines, journals etc. available.
  • To make sure there is easy access to the facilities available to all staff and students.


  • Library Time  00am. to  5.00pm.
  • Circulation Section     30am. to  4.00pm.
  • Reading Room   00am. to   5.00pm.


  • Arts/Hospitality Studies – Monday and Thursday
  • Commerce/BMS/BBI – Tuesday and Friday
  • Computer Science /Information Technology – Wednesday and Saturday


  1. I/C Principal – Dr. Asha Jagdale (Chairperson)
  2. Sushil Salvi – Member
  3. Pooja Mohite – Member
  4. Tarachand Dhobale – Member
  5. Pratiksha Supal – Member
  6. Mahendra Gurav – Member
  7. Ravni Mena – Students Representative
  8. Megha Pore – Secretary


  • All college students can take membership free of cost.
  • All teaching & non-teaching staff can take membership.
  • Membership for the outsiders will be provided with the permission of the principal.
  • Identity card is compulsory for getting access to the library.
  • Only two books will issue on students library card, one text book and one other than text book like fiction, drama, poem, subject reference book etc.
  • Bags and other property should be kept outside, near the entrance of library.
  • Books are issued for 7 days only.
  • Do not take any book or other library material out of the library without following the borrowing procedures.
  • The book may be retained for that prescribed time limit unless requisitioned by the Librarian.
  • A fine of Rs.2/- per day per book will be levied on an overdue book.
  • Student should not damage the books; if damaged, the student should produce the same new book.
  • If the student loss the books, they should produce the same new book; if they do not produce the book and if the book is rare, than they have to pay present double price of the book.
  • Writing on the book pages, tearing the pages of books is strictly prohibited. If found, the membership of the student will be dismissed.
  • Maintain silence in the library.
  • All users are requested to keep their mobiles switched off or silent mode in the library.
  • If the library borrow card is lost, inform the Librarian immediately. The loser will have to pay Rs.20/- for duplicate card.
  • Always bring your library card, when borrowing book.


  • Library Area: q.f.t.
  • Total Number of Books: 14959
  • Total Number of Title: 9243
  • Seating Capacity: 50 for students and 10 for staff
  • Library Timings: 00am. To 5.00pm.
  • Type of Access : Open Access
  • Classification Method: D.C.
  • Number of Reference Books: 1441
  • Number of Donated Books: 3967
  • Number of Periodicals:   17
  • Number of News Papers: 08
  • Total Bound Volumes: 80
  • Library Software: E-Granthalaya 3.0
  • Library Computerization: Yes (Partly Automation)
  • Library Staff: 01
  • E-Mail ID: sphlibraryrtn@gmail.com


  • Open Access to user
  • Home lending facility
  • Subject wise collection arrangement
  • Book Exhibition
  • Reference Service
  • Reading Room Facility
  • News – Paper Clipping
  • Competitive exam books


  • University News
  • Employment News
  • The Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations (FHRAI)
  • Economic and Political Weekly
  • Digit
  • Bakery Review
  • Sadhana
  • Yashachi Parikarma
  • Raojgar Nokari Sandarbha
  • Arthasawad
  • Yojana
  • Anubhav
  • Lalit
  • Chanakya Mandal Nokari Sandarbha
  • Vyapari Mitra
  • Sakal Saptahik
  • Mukta Shabdha


  • Times of India
  • Indian Express
  • Loksatta
  • Maharashtra Times
  • Tarun Bharat
  • Sakal
  • Ratnagiri Times
  • Lokmat

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